August 17, 2020

Large or Small Storage Unit? Check Our Sizing Guide!

Picking the right size storage unit can get tricky. What if you rent too big or too small of a storage unit? Read our sizing guide below and see how Almighty Storage can match you with some additional storage space.

Our storage calculator can also help you determine the correct storage unit size for your next rental, along with our facilities’ trained experts.

Small Storage Units Louisiana

Small Storage Units

Sometimes small storage units are all you need. These are about the size of a closet and can hold the contents of your average-sized bedroom, including your mattress and some large pieces of furniture. Small storage units make sense for seasonal storing purposes. We can hold onto your artificial Christmas tree until you are ready to tackle the challenge of decorating and hanging lights. This presents extra storage space in your basement or attic.

Denham Springs LA small storage units: 5×10 (drive up & temp control)

Prairieville LA small storage units: 5×5 (drive up), 10×5 (temp control), 5×10 (temp control)

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units can store two or three bedrooms’ contents. Fitting multiple mattresses, dressers, and desks, these provide a lot space for your big items. They are also good to hold household appliances.

Business owners can use self storage for equipment and inventory. Leases are month-by-month and are often much cheaper than office space rentals.

Denham Springs LA small storage units: 10×10 (drive up & temp control), 10×12 (drive up), 10×15 (drive up & temp control)

Prairieville LA small storage units: 8×10 (drive up & temp control), 10×10 (drive up & temp control), 10×15 (drive up & temp control), 15×10 (drive up), 8×15 (temp control)

Large Storage Units

If you are moving houses, large storage units offer the most space to fit all your belongings. Let us keep them as you settle into a new way of life. These can fit outdoor furniture, bookcases, and dining room furniture sets. You can also use large storage units to store extra vehicles or small boats.

Denham Springs LA small storage units: 10×20 (drive up), 10×25 (drive up), 10×30 (drive up), 20×10 (drive up & temp control), 12×35 (drive up), 20×15 (temp control), 20×35 (drive up), 24×35 (drive up)

Prairieville LA small storage units: 10×20 (temp control), 15×15 (drive up & temp control), 15×20 (drive up), 20×10 (drive up & temp control)

Store at Almighty Storage

Find the right size self storage unit at Almighty Storage at one of our locations 30 minutes from Baton Rouge LA. We offer a variety of sizes in drive-up and temperature-controlled options in Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA. Each facility also has storage for your vehicle, boat, or RV. Rent online and move in right away, or reserve a storage unit for future use!

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