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Winter Vehicle Storage
December 20, 2020

Need Winter Vehicle Storage Now?

Are you trying to find affordable winter vehicle storage in East Baton Rouge LA? The winter season is upon us, and that means it is time to take some smaller and seasonal vehicles off the road. When your vehicles are more fun to drive in the summer, you can store them with Almighty Storage in the off-months. Our self storage facilities in Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA have drive-up self storage, outdoor parking, and more options for your vehicle. Check us out today. Then prepare your vehicle for storage with our tips below!

1. Take the Time to Clean

First, clean out the interior of your vehicle. If you use it frequently and have accumulated food wrappers and other trash, clear everything out before storage. Then vacuum carpets and seats and wipe down the rest. Animals will be attracted to food smells, so do not give them a reason to be attracted to your vehicle. As for the vehicle’s exterior, it is a good idea to wash it before storing to maintain your paint job. Avoid rust and paint peeling with a good wash, followed by wax.

2. Fill Up with Gas

You always want to make sure your gas tank is filled before leaving it in storage. If there is extra room in the tank, moisture can form, which will cause your vehicle to accelerate poorly when you go to drive it later. Add stabilizer for additional moisture prevention. When you are storing a vehicle for three months or more, you should also change your oil.

Get Winter Vehicle Storage at Almighty Storage

Storing has never been easier. You can browse Almighty Storage’s self storage options from the comfort of your home before choosing to rent or reserve. Renting completes the transaction right away, and you can move in immediately. When you reserve, you are holding the storage for the future. There are no payment obligations at the time of reservation, but you must call to complete the payment before your move-in date. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units of all sizes, and both of our locations have parking for your vehicle. Rent or reserve a storage unit with us today!

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