March 9, 2021

Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit

Looking for a quick way to find more space? Self storage is your affordable solution for organizing your work or home items. Almighty Storage has two storage facilities near Baton Rouge that are fully equipped for your residential or commercial storage needs. Once you find the right option for you, we can even help you move in with storage supplies for sale in our front offices and some tips for packing up your storage unit. Find your storage online with Almighty Storage!

3 Tips for Packing Up a Storage Unit

  • Label your boxes/bins. This way you know what items are inside without needing to open the box and look through everything. You can also mark down the room of the house the items belong in (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), so you know exactly where to unpack it when you take it out of storage.
  • Take time to organize your storage unit layout. First, make sure you leave ample room for an aisle, so you navigate through your boxes with easy access to them all. If you plan on visiting your storage unit frequently, keep items up front that you will swap in and out the most regularly.
  • When stacking your boxes, use heavy boxes as your base. Your foundation should be boxes and bins with heavy objects inside that will not break or cave in under the pressure of other boxes. Then you can stack lighter objects on top.

how to pack storage unit

Almighty Storage in Denham Springs and Prairieville LA

Need help finding the right storage unit to fit your needs? Almighty Storage has experts available on-site at our Denham Springs and Prairieville LA storage locations to match you with the right one. Both facilities have temperautre-controlled and drive-up storage units, as well as outdoor parking options. Whether you need something for your home, work, or your vehicles, Almighty Storage has you covered. Rent or reserve storage online with us today!

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