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Choosing Storage Supplies For Your Next Move: What You Need To Know

Do you know where to get storage supplies or how much to purchase? Almighty Storage is not only a useful storage expert in Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA, but we are also a convenient option for storage supplies! This month we are getting you and your belongings ready for storage with tips from our knowledgable staff on site.

Why Our Supplies?

October begins our charitable quarter where we give back to the community we serve. This month we are donating a portion of all moving supplies purchased to the Susan G. Komen foundation. With your support they can continue to search for a cure, support families diagnosed, and keep our neighborhoods informed.

Check back next month to see what local business or organization we are supporting for the holidays!

Storage Supplies For Your Next Move

  1. Boxes – Keep weight loads in mind when packing your items, use different sizes to accommodate all your items.
  2. Tape – A roll will be sufficient if packing a single room; grab a few extra rolls just in case.
  3. Tarps – Use large tarps to protect furniture from dust and debris.
  4. Covers – Mattresses can absorb moisture from the floor and collect dust while in storage, but a mattress cover for every size is useful to keep these large items protected.
  5. Locks – Put the final security system on your storage unit with a weather-resistant lock from our office.

Moving Tools

These resources can speed up your move and answer common questions while moving. We know you may have some other questions or need a little more assistance, so we provide on-site storage professionals to help as well.

Almighty Storage in Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA can help you store your RV, personal items, and business needs. Give us a call to talk about the storage solution you are looking for or stop by anytime!

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