Almighty Storage’s Self Storage FAQ

How does Almighty Storage help our customers through their self storage FAQ? We have collected the most common questions that our tenants ask in one place for you. If you are new to self storage, there are a ton of resources to help make your storage experience with Almighty Storage easy and successful. Search through our list below to see if your question is answered. If not, we are happy to assist with any further questions over the phone or in our storage office on Commerce Lane in Prairieville, LA!
Self Storage Unit in Prairieville, LA

Do I need rental protection?

Yes, Almighty Storage requires you to have rental protection when you are renting a storage unit with us. You are able to purchase one of our protection plans at the time of checkout if you do not have your own. Ask our storage professionals about the best plan for you. If you do already have protection, you will need to provide proof of your own protection plan ASAP by mail or email.

What discounts do you offer?

You can refer a friend and receive $50 off your next storage rental for both you and your friend. Customers ages 65+ can receive our Senior Discount of 5% off monthly. And active duty military members can receive 10% off monthly—thank you for your service! Read more about our deals on our storage discount page.

What storage unit size do I need?

You can enter all the items you are looking to store into our online storage calculator, and it will give you an accurate size recommendation based on what you entered. If you have more in-depth questions about the specific sizes or need help determining which features would serve you best, our storage professionals can help you over the phone or in our office on Commerce Lane.

Are locks provided with my storage rental?

Locks are not included in your rental; however, we sell a wide selection of storage supplies in our office, including locks, boxes, tape, and other packing supplies.

How do I pay my bill online?

At the top of our website, you will see a button that says “Pay Bill.” From there, login with your username and password and click on the storage unit in your account for the bill you wish to pay. You can also choose to prepay for your upcoming month’s bill.

How do I reach someone after hours?

Call the office number at (225) 744-4200 and press “1” to speak with a live representative.

Can I rent short-term?

Almighty Storage offers month-by-month storage leases, so you can stay inside your budget as well as stay flexible. You can rent short-term and long-term with Almighty Storage.

Do you have movers?

No, we do not offer movers. However, we list our Neighborhood Friends under our available storage units, so our tenants can find local assistance with businesses that we know and trust. Search through our Neighborhood Friends board to find movers near you in Prairieville, LA.

Do you have truck rentals?

No, we do not offer moving truck rentals at our storage facility. Check our Neighborhood Friends board for local truck rental recommendations in Prairieville, LA.

Do you have storage auctions?

Yes, auctions of storage units occur after fulfilling the state lien law procedure of someone who has not made a payment on their unit. Storage auctions aren’t our favorite side of the business, but they are part of it. Almighty Storage’s storage auctions are held on

Can I live or sleep in a storage unit?

No. Not only is it illegal to live a storage unit, but it is extremely unsafe since storage unit doors lock from the outside. Storage facilities to not have the proper utilities to support humans or animals living in storage units.

When I rent online, can I access my storage unit right away?

Yes. When you rent a storage unit through our contactless storage rentals, you are completing all the necessary steps to complete your transaction. You can access your storage unit immediately once you receive your confirmation email giving you the gate code.

Can I access my storage unit at any time?

Our gate hours are from 6 AM – 10 PM.

Did We Answer Your Self Storage FAQ?

We want to make this process as easy for you as possible, and we also want you to know exactly what you are getting into when you rent storage with Almighty Storage. Stop into our office on Commerce Lane to speak with one of our professionals if you still have questions. They are happy to talk through your storage rental with you and present our available storage units that would best suit your storage needs.

Almighty Storage in Prairieville, LA

Now that we have hopefully answered all your self storage FAQ, it is time to find the storage unit in Prairieville, LA, to help you get organized. Almighty Storage has all the storage features you need for residential, commercial, and vehicle storage—fewer than 30 minutes from Baton Rouge. Choose convenience in our drive-up storage units or security in our temperature-controlled storage units. Either is an affordable option for clearing clutter from different areas of your life. We offer month-by-month leases to make your local self storage flexible and budget-friendly. Ask our storage experts how our self storage facility on Commerce Lane can assist your home or business!

Vehicle Storage

In addition to our storage units, Almighty Storage can also set you up with an outdoor and enclosed vehicle storage. We can hold your car, truck, boat, trailer, and RV no problem. Create some extra space in your garage or around your property by leaving your vehicles in our care until you need them again. You can rent a parking space with us seasonally or long-term.

Are you ready to rent your self storage solution in Prairieville, LA? Take a look through our contactless storage rentals to find the space and features to properly protect your belongings. Rent with Almighty Storage online today!
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