Self Storage Tips

Helpful End of Summer Self Storage Tips

After the vacations are over and the kids are getting ready for a new school year, you should prepare to move a few things to storage. Do you need help getting your items storage ready? Almighty Storage has self storage tips to help you make extra room around the house and stay organized while moving. Use these helpful tips and our two self storage facilities in Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA the next time you plan to store your belongings.

Self Storage Tips

Self storage tips that will help you store for winter

  • Grease from the grill can attract unwanted pests, so before you store it, clean the grates, burners, utensils, etc.
  • To protect your outdoor grill from rust while in storage, apply a light layer of oil to keep the metal clean.
  • After harvesting the vegetable garden, inspect tools and repair or replace equipment.
  • Plastic chairs and tables tend to look warn after a few months in the sun. Give these items a new layer of paint so they look brand new next season.
  • We have multiple sizes of dust and furniture covers that keep dirt off while in storage.
  • Bring the boat out of the water until next season and store with us.
  • Store canoes after they have been out of the water for a few days. Keep a moisture controlled product like DampRid nearby to absorb any leftover moisture.

With Almighty Storage you have storage options in Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA. These self storage tips can start you off in the right direction. Storage experts are waiting to help you find the right storage for your valuables. Our online storage rental process makes renting your next unit faster. We are ready to help you find the summer storage solutions you need to finish the season and start fall with success.
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