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Storage Tips: How to Efficiently Pack Your Storage Unit

How can you efficiently pack up your items to put away in a storage unit? We can teach you how to make the most of your storage rental. Self storage is your affordable solution for organizing your work or home items. Almighty Storage in Prairieville, LA, is fully equipped for your residential or commercial storage needs. Once you find the right option for you, we can even help you move in with storage supplies for sale in our front offices and some professional tips for packing up your storage unit. Find your storage online with Almighty Storage!

how to pack a storage unit

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How to Pack a Storage Unit 

Label Your Boxes/Bins

How can you keep track of your items in storage. By labeling your boxes, you know what items are inside without needing to open the box and look through everything. Make a note on the outside of the box with the contents, either keeping it broad (“plates and bowls”) or more specific (“serving dishes, everyday plates, Christmas cups, etc.”)—however you feel would best serve you later. You can also mark down the room of the house the items belong in (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), so you know exactly where to unpack it when you take it out of storage.

Use Heavy Boxes as a Base for Other Items

This is an important rule of thumb for packing. Your foundation should be boxes and bins with heavy objects inside that will not break or cave in under the pressure of other boxes. Then you can stack lighter objects on top. That being said, be wary of packing boxes that are too heavy. You should still be able to lift them without too much of a struggle from yourself or your storage container.

Organize Your Storage Unit Layout

Self storage is supposed to make your life easier, and organizing your storage unit well is an excellent way to set yourself up for success. First, make sure you leave ample room in your storage unit for an aisle, so you navigate through your boxes with easy access to them all. If you plan on visiting your storage unit frequently, keep items up front that you will swap in and out the most regularly. No need to waste time looking for a specific item when everything is already in its place.

how to pack a storage unit

Stay Prepared with Almighty Storage in Prairieville, LA

How else can we help you prepare to pack your storage unit? Almighty Storage has experts available on-site at our Prairieville, LA, storage facility to assist you in choosing proper packing supplies and storage space. We offer temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units to take on your organization projects. In addition to self storage, we have outdoor parking options large enough to serve as your primary boat or RV storage. Whether you need something for your home, work, or your vehicles, Almighty Storage has you covered. Trust us for your local storage needs!

Did you know you can secure your rental with us online? Our online storage rental process is quick and easy. Just browse our available storage units, consider the amenities your items require, compare sizes and prices, and choose your storage unit. Use our storage calculator to help you determine how much storage space your load needs. We provide all the necessary resources to support your rental. Rent or reserve storage units in Prairieville, LA, online with us today! 

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