Moving Out of State

Moving Out of State: A Guide to Answer Your Questions

Packing up the house and moving to a better opportunity, some families are taking advantage of the nice weather and moving to a new home. If this summer you plan on moving out of state, let Almighty Storage help. with two convenient locations in Prairieville LA and Denham Springs LA, you can find storage space nearby.

Why use storage when moving? If you are trying to sell your current home, creating open space is more appealing to buyers and helps you get a jumpstart on packing. Maybe you are relocating for a career and need to downsize, storage can help here too. Get started this summer with Almighty Storage.

Moving Out of State

What to Keep, Toss and Store

These three questions are very common while moving and Almighty Storage can help.

  1. Keep your belonging you need right away, separated from the rest of the boxes. This should be the last box packed and the first unpacked.
  2. Sort through your dry good stock and discard anything past the expiration date, opened, or duplicates. We have a checklist to help rebuild your extra pantry items when you move.
  3. Downsizing or temporarily moving for work? Store your extra items with Almighty Storage for safe keeping.

Timeline for Moving

A Few Months Before: Reach out to moving companies and storage facilities to reserve your space for the move.

A Week Before: Double check with all your reservations for date and time. Then start transferring your utilities to the new address.

Moving Day: Make sure all your boxes are clearly labeled and a clear path to the door is always open.

A Week After Moving: Update your address with the post office, credit card companies, and any other agencies. Here is a helpful list to go take advantage of.

Almighty Storage has the extra space to make your move and storage experience a positive one. If you are moving to the neighborhood, moving out of state, or just outside our Denham Springs LA and Prairieville LA facilities, give us a call to set up your storage unit.

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