Holiday Storage Tips

Reclaiming Your Space In The New Year

As the new year begins, it is time for you to start packing away all of your holiday decorations. Making the most out of your space is important when it comes to storing all of your belongings after the holidays. To start off the new year, Almighty Storage has the holiday storage tips you will want to know about as you begin your packing process.

Takedown the strands of holiday lights, put away your wreaths, and get back to enjoying your clean space within your home once again.

Which Storage Unit Matches Your Needs

Large Storage Unit (10×20 – 10×30): With a unit of this size, it is like having a one-car garage. This unit will be able to hold decorations you cover the whole interior of your home with, plus if you set up a holiday village of decorations on your property.

Medium Storage Unit (10×10 – 10×15): Having decorations everywhere inside your home, plus if you want to spruce up the exterior appearance of your home is what these unit sizes are good for. Showing off your property to your neighbors with your decorations will be easy with a storage unit of this size.

Small Storage Unit (5×10 – 5×10): Decorations placed throughout your home as well as outdoor ones, and an artificial tree or two. Look no further, this is the unit you are searching for.

Holiday Storage Tips

  1. Unused garment bags are ideal for storing your wrapping paper.
  2. Wrap your holiday lights around a piece of cardboard so no tangling occurs.
  3. Shrinkwrap your artificial tree to keep it protected during storage in the winter, spring and summer months.
  4. Egg cartons hold small-round ornament perfectly.
  5. Use a coat hanger to store your wreaths.

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Storing With Almighty Storage

Almighty Storage has two locations in Louisiana (LA). One facility is located in Denham Springs LA and the other in Prairieville LA. These two facilities can be the perfect answer to your storage needs.

It is time to start reclaiming your space with storage and that starts first with finding storage near you. Contact us if you have any questions and our managers will get back to you as soon as possible!

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