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The coronavirus pandemic shook up our normal routines, and now we all have to learn to adapt to our new way of life. Some people went through a lot of change, like moving in the midst of the chaos. Those who had the freedom to work from home found that they did not have to stay in more expensive areas since they did not need to access their offices. The United States saw a rise in the percentage of people who have moved permanently and temporarily since last March. Are you or one of your friends planning a move? Save time and money with Almighty Storage. When you refer a friend, you both save $50 on your next storage rental!

So why did people choose the past year to make their move?

Why Move During a Pandemic?

  1. Suburbs Have Lower Cost of Living. Big cities like New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago saw large numbers of people moving out of town. When some residents learned they did not have to go back into the office, they looked for cheaper places to work from than their city apartments. The suburbs offer much more affordable living conditions.
  2. People Are Spread Out. Even when you are used to being crowded in the grocery store and on public transportation, cold and flu season can make the area feel even smaller. In a time when we are all doing our best to stay six feet apart, it is not difficult why people would flock to neighborhoods that have space for people to do their tasks safely.
  3. Smaller Towns Have Looser Restrictions than Cities. Since areas are less population dense outside of cities, officials often did not impose as harsh of restrictions when the pandemic first began.

Make Your Move Simple with Storage (& Refer a Friend!)

If you are one of the many who are choosing to relocate, come by Almighty Storage to see how our storage can keep you organized along the way. We have two facilities—Denham Springs and Prairieville LA—to serve the greater Baton Rouge area. Find temperature-controlled storage, drive-up storage units, and vehicle storage online! Do not forget to refer a friend for a discount!

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