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RV Storage: 6 Self Storage Tips to get Started

Almighty Storage has 2 storage facilities to make storing your belongings simple. Whether you are looking for RV storage options or a safe location for a few items, our Prairieville LA and Denham Springs LA locations can be the solution. This month we are focusing on finding helpful steps for preparing your vehicle, boat, and RV for storage.

  • Prevent flat spots on your tires by filling them a little above the recommended psi but not exceeding the maximum.
  • Chocking the wheels on your boat trailer will keep your boat from rolling.
  • When storing outdoor, use a cover to keep dirt off.
  • For boats, wash off salt water and for RVs remove road dirt; both can be harmful to the exterior.
  • Keep your battery running on a tender rather than in your vehicle, if not this can put a harmful strain on your vehicle.
  • Critters look for openings to make a home in, so stop them before they have a chance by putting steel wool in the tailpipe.

With these quick RV storage tips, storing your vehicles, boats, and trailers is simple. Almighty Storage can be the essential part to staying organized this winter. Let us guide you into the vehicle storage or trailer storage option that works for you.

Our storage units in Prairieville LA are temperature controlled, so no matter what the weather does, your belongings are not affected. Looking for storage in Denham Springs LA? We have a location off of Highway 16 with drive up access, which makes loading and unloading your belongings a breeze.

Save time by renting online anytime! See what storage units are available at both Almighty Storage locations and choose the one that fits you best.
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