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Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Supplies

That feeling of watching your team win the championship will live on forever as will the memories before the game. Tailgating is all part of the experience but how do you store those seasonal items? Seasonal storage offers a solution when the game is over and it is time to pack things up. Let Almighty Storage show you how convenient our Prairieville LA and Denham Springs LA storage units are. Start with these quick and easy tips below to get your tailgating equipment ready for seasonal storage.

Tidy Up

The grill was a hit, but leave your fans at the stadium instead of the storage unit. Save your self some time and scrape off any left over food to the grate. This will save you some time after the game when you return your belongings to the storage unit.

Care for Accessories

On those hot sunny days the overhead tarp is a welcomed shade. This shade is perfect when the sun is at its hottest. Make sure you take care of the fabric so it lasts for many more season. Clean it with soft soaps, some harsh chemicals can damage the material and cause you to replace the top. While cleaning if you notice any dings, dents, or scratches it best to repair these areas. Strengthen the frame so it can withstand the intense summer storms.

Maintain the Collection

Hold on to your tickets and foam finger after the game, a storage unit is a dry safe location to let these memories live on once out of the display case. If your collection of memorabilia is growing to much, designate a spot here. Make edits to any items you can part with and store the rest in  a secure storage unit at Almighty Storage.

Almighty Storage offers 2 locations near you. Our Denham Springs LA self storage location is top notch for seasonal storage, as is our Prairieville LA storage units.
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