storage space for staging

Utilize our storage space when staging your home

Selling your home in the next year? Here is what you need to know! With storage space from Almighty Storage, get your house noticed. Clear out each room and even start to pack a few boxes now so you speed up the moving process when you find the right home. Simplify your furniture, spruce up your space, and stay organized with storage.

How can staging impress my buyer?

It may be tough but impress your buyer with a fresh smelling atmosphere. This can be as simple as giving your fabrics a deep clean. Shampoo the carpets, was the couch cushions, etc. Since your house is on display for a little while keep the fish recipes to a minimum. Odors can deter a potential buyer.

What goes first?

To make a memorable entrance for your house, less is more. Take a good look at your home from the buyers point of view. Have a friend come over to help or a neighbor, someone who may not visit often can show you areas in your house that need work. Clean closets are also very important, the probability a buyer will look inside is high. If you store your seasonal clothes at your house, a small storage unit would be helpful to keep them out of sight. Our extra space keeps your house looking its best the whole time.

The keys to decorating

  • Retouch any chipped paint or scuffs with a fresh coat.
  • Replace or remove family photos. Store these in a temperature controlled storage unit so changing temperatures do not damage them.
  • Potted plants are perfect if a room needs a little improvement.
  • Keep the yard ornaments to a minimum. Trim up the shrubs and move the patio furniture to the storage unit.

With our Denham Springs LA or Prairieville LA storage space you can protect your extra furniture, precious keepsakes, and help your house sell faster.
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